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tips when washing lace wigs

when washing your wigs or extensions, it is very important that the proper techniques are done and also the usage of the safest products.

washing lace wigs are not as complicated as many makes it seems when doing so the proper techniques to

  1. ensure that the wig is properly detangled and that there are no knots in the wig whatsoever

  2. warm water is ideal when shampooing because this will help cut the dirt or oil from the hair

  3. this step is very important so please take note that a sulfate free shampoo is always the best shampoo to use because sulfate strips the hair and causes it to tangle and once the wig or bundle is tangle it is very hard to detangle

  4. when washing a wig NEVER rub in circular motions this will only cause balls of knots into the wig and then the wig will become super tangled, but instead comb and pull when washing from root to tip

  5. the best way to wash lace glue off wigs is to apply shampoo to lace and let it sit for atlases fifteen minutes then rub with a cloth to clean.

  6. after the wig has been shampooed and the lace has been cleaned use a moisturizing conditioner to add moisture and shine to the wig this will rejuvenate the hair from dull to looking like new, I always let the conditioner sit for at least fifteen minutes in a Ziplock bag to activate heat so that the moisture is dissolves into the hair

  7. always use cold water to rinse out conditioner from the wig. cold water locks in moisture and will have the hair looking healthier

  8. lastly it is very important to let your hair air dry because the less heat the healthier it will look and the longer it will last

I hope these tips find you an easier way when washing your hair extensions

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